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  • PH 212 (WINTER 2018): GENERAL PHYSICS (WITH CALCULUS) (4) -- Introductory physics for students majoring in science and engineering. The winter term focuses on electromagnetism with a little bit of optics. Required prerequisites: for PH 211: Mth 251 or higher; for PH 212: PH 211 and PH 214. Corequisites: for PH 211: PH 214; for PH 212: PH 215.

  • PH 664 (SPRING 2018/WINTER 2020): STATISTICAL MECHANICS (4) - Foundations of statistical mechanics and kinetic theory; statistical interpretation of thermodynamics; ensembles in classical and quantum systems; transport phenomena. Prerequisites: PH 619 or 625. Click here for a syllabus. Coming Spring 2021: PH 665, more topics in Statistical Mechanics!

  • PH 490/590 (WINTER 2019): CELLULAR /MOLECULAR BIOPHYSICS (4) - An introduction to cloning techniques, protein purification, fluorescence microscopy, and spectroscopy. Half lecture, half laboratory.

  • PH 490/590 (WINTER 2021): CELLULAR /MOLECULAR BIOPHYSICS (4) - No laboratory component due to COVID. A fully online, theory-based course covering elements of biomolecular thermodynamics, diffusion, random walks, life at low Reynolds number, and other topics. Click here for a syllabus.

  • PH 410/510 (SPRING 2019, 2020, 2021): SELECTED TOPICS/QUANTUM MECHANICS II (4) - A second-term course in quantum mechanics at the senior/first-year graduate level, covering the Schrodinger equation in 3D, angular momentum, bosons and fermions, perturbation theory, and the hydrogen molecule. Click here for a syllabus.

  • Summer Technology Training (Summer 2019): An introduction to coding for graduate students in any field, offered as a pilot in 2019 as WR510. See here for more.

  • MP 530 (Fall 2019): Radiation Physics - Part of the core Medical Physics curriculum at OHSU (see here for the program). Covers CAMPEP-approved topics. PSU students may register under the MoU with OHSU.

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